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VAYA Terrazena


Culinary at VAYA Terrazena

At VAYA Terrazena you can enjoy complete freedom on your holidays, you can go to sleep when you want, wake up when you want and eat breakfast when you want. But a little help is always nice. If you would like to start your day your way, why not order some fresh bread and pastries to be delivered to your door in the morning, just reserve the day before.

Start to the day

This is how a good morning begins

You wake up in the morning and long for a cup of coffee, crispy pastries and fresh butter? Then you have three options. Either you plan to cook for yourself and go do some shopping to buy everything you need. Or why not order your fresh bread and pastries to be delivered to your door each day just contact us the day before. Or – take a five-minute walk and have breakfast at our sister hotel the Vaya St Zen. You can choose to your heart’s content from cheese and sausage specialties from the region, hearty pastries, fruit and vegetables as well as healthy juices. The choice is yours.

VAYA Bar & Grill

Culinary highlight

If you don’t feel like cooking why not try the VAYA Bar and Grill at our sister hotel the VAYA St Zeno. In the restaurant they server some traditional classic dishes as well as Mediterranean light and vegetarian creations as well as a selection of grilled meat and burgers. There is definitely something for everyone.

VAYA bar

Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the warmth of the fire and the crackling of the fire, it’s the perfect spot to unwind with family and friends after a long day. Our talented team are on hand to prepare your favorite cocktail or perhaps a schnapps. Or after a wonderful summer day in the mountains, a nice glass of ice-cold beer has your name on it.