Breakfast at VAYA Nauders

Das fängt ja gut an

You have a lot of plans and would like to go straight away to the ski slopes or hiking trails in the area? Sure, so do we. But grandma was always right about one thing: breakfast is a must. Especially when it’s as great as ours. Choose from the extensive buffet exactly what gets you going in the morning.  We offer fragrant coffee to fresh, crispy pastries and cheese and sausage specialties to cereals, fruit and vegetables, yogurt and fine egg dishes. It is a matter of honour that everything comes seasonally, fresh and, if possible, directly from the region.  Getting up for breakfast has never been so nice!

Follow me to your table

The words everyone loves to hear

In the evening we spoil you with a variety of international and national delicacies. Sometimes we serve them to you at the table, sometimes you choose what appeals to you at our buffet.  Thanks to our location in the corner of Austria – Italy – Switzerland, the mixture is not only particularly delicious, but also very diverse. Witness how our team reinterprets traditional recipes as well as the classics. Vegetarian options are on the menu as well as burgers and steaks. Whatever you choose: Enjoy an extra portion of VAYA vibes for your dinner.

GO Tagesausklang

Not without my nightcap

In our lounge you can chat and revisit your adventures during the day with a good glass of wine, provide a schnapps for better digestion or enjoy a cocktail. The bed can be calling but it can wait. Did you know that we can arrange a trip to the Wachau and other wine regions to find the best wines for you?

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