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Powerful warmth.

As a sauna fan, you know how beneficial the heat is on tired muscles and that regular sauna sessions have a positive effect on your entire body. But why is that? What makes visits to the sauna and steam bath so healthy? An essential aspect arises from the heat itself. It ensures that the body temperature rises. For the body, this feels a bit like fever, so the immune system starts working at full speed and making more defenses.

Relax and

In addition, the metabolism is running at full speed. And when you cool down, the temperature difference stimulates all your organs, the cardiovascular system you also strengthen with regular sauna sessions. Especially if you have been very active, you should end your day with a sauna session. Because the heat leads to increased blood circulation. This, in turn, allows small micro-injuries that have arisen during sports to heal faster. So you can prevent muscle soreness. It is important that you do not go directly from sports to the sauna. Let at least half an hour break pass between the last activity and the first sauna session so that you do not overwhelm your body.

About the apartmenthouse

VAYA Residence Galtür

The ideal home base for winter sports fans made of lots of glass and wood in a prime location: this is how the VAYA Residence Galtür presents itself. Nothing here disturbs your view of the surrounding mountains, so that every view from the window becomes an imposing sight.

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