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Book early, enjoy longer:

Early Birds take note

Get your Early Bird Bonus now

The early bird catches the worm late. It’s always better to be early than late.  Timing is crucial in Life! That’s why with Vaya when you book early, we reward you with a nice special bonus.

Book earlier: is it worth it?

Recently the trend has been more and more towards last-minute bargains, but more and more people are booking earlier again.  Planning ahead gives you an added security that you have a booking and are not going to be left with no options.  That is why at Vaya we offer an attractive discounts and promotions. When you book your holiday with us at least 90 days prior to your arrival, we will give you a discount of 15 percent. Sounds too good to be true? But we are really serious.

In addition, booking earlier has some other advantages: Because the demand is not yet so high, you can choose not only your favorite region, but also your favorite VAYA and even better your favorite room, your preferred suite, the penthouse of your dreams and your ideal apartment.

Get your early bird discount at VAYA now

Another advantage is that you have enough time to plan your trip. You can hire someone to water your flowers and feed the goldfish! or mind the dog!! And you can concentrate on your work stress free one less thing to worry about, so that you have a clear head on vacation.

Studies have also shown that even thinking of holidays does something to us. Our mood is improved, we feel better, we have something to look forward to.  So, why not book now and just look forward to it and enjoy the anticipation.  We think so, too. So, what are you waiting for? Book Now to get your early bird discount at VAYA right away.

VAYA Resorts

Service at the highest level, excellent locations in the premier resorts throughout Austria. Typical VAYA design with the highest quality furnishing and the use of wood, glass and leather characterize the VAYA Resorts. With many different accommodation types and categories to choose from, there is something for everyone, stunning wellness areas and the lifestyle restaurant VAYA Bar & Grill all complement a wonderful stay.

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VAYA Apartments

The equipment of our exclusive VAYA apartments leaves nothing to be desired. They are available in many different sizes and configurations. Thanks to the integrated kitchen with a dining area, allow you to spend your holidays how you like in your own time. A number of additional services are available on request such as a bread and pastry morning delivery service.

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VAYA Unique

Exceptional service, highest quality in every area and unique design characterize VAYA Unique. Its unique location makes it just as special as its facilities. In addition to culinary delights, you will also experience wellness at its best at VAYA Unique. VAYA Unique is special – just like you.

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Individual in their equipment, but united by the typical VAYA vibe: this is how the apartment houses, hotels and all-inclusive resorts in the 3- and 4-star range by VAYA present themselves, which you will find in the most popular holiday regions and winter sports resorts in Austria

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