Indulge in peace – recharge your batteries

Warmth, water and steam revive your spirits, strengthen the immune system and restore the harmony between the mind and body. Simply slip out of your everyday identity. Lean back and unwind. We give you moments that are wonderful for just chilling. In our water bed and unrivalled relaxation room that allows you to experience the magic of the mountains with all your senses and a stunning view over the Hohe Tauern.

Is there anything more wonderful?

Whether it’s a Finnish sauna, outdoor sauna, bio sauna or aroma steam bath –
the mind and body relax here.
Your senses come alive. Giving you new strength for everyday life.

Finnish sauna
Probably the oldest and most famous sauna from the Finns, lets you
really work up a sweat at a temperature of 80-100 °C and low
humidity. Aroma infusions are an invitation to dream!

Aromatic bio sauna
Inhalation sauna at 55-60 °C, relative humidity 45 %.
This kind of sauna is particularly valued for its pleasant temperature.

Aroma steam bath
At 50-55 °C, ideal for the skin and hair, respiratory organs and detoxifying. High humidity together with the mild radiant heat combined with fragrance essences provide physical and mental wellbeing.

A rolling stone gathers no moss!

When if not now? Now, on holiday, is the best time to implement your resolutions in terms of health and wellbeing and start with targeted exercise. Use our gym and workout room with equipment from the company Techno Gym based on the latest, state-of-the-art sports science knowledge.

Enjoy the stunning view over the Resterhöhe while working out. You can relax and switch off here. Feel the new life energy flowing through your body, the stress and tension giving way to all-round wellbeing! With pleasure, happiness and fantasy into the bargain.


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We are looking forward to meeting you and pampering you!

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