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Explore our unique accommodations in the Tyrolean Oberland

Are you visiting the Tyrolean Oberland? Discover our accommodations in the heart of the Tri-border region. Our properties, VAYA Nauders and VAYA Pfunds, offer you more than just a place to stay – they provide an authentic experience.

In VAYA Nauders, modern luxury meets alpine charm. Situated directly on the border with Italy, it serves as the perfect starting point for cross-border adventures. The breathtaking mountain scenery surrounding Nauders sets the stage for unforgettable moments in nature, whether hiking, cycling, or skiing.

Not far away, VAYA Pfunds welcomes you with its warm atmosphere and a design that stylishly blends tradition and modernity. Here, you can relax or embark on explorations into the surrounding valleys.

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Activities and Excursions in the Tyrolean Oberland

Experience boundless activities in the Tyrolean Oberland: hiking, cycling, skiing, and cultural discoveries in a breathtaking mountain backdrop that seamlessly blends adventure and relaxation.

Perched high up, Nauders offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountain landscape. The Reschen Pass, with its iconic church tower submerged in Lake Reschen, tells a tale of change and resilience. Thanks to the mountain railways, the peaks are easily accessible, making Nauders the perfect base for hikers and cyclists eager to explore the heights.

Together, Pfunds and Nauders form a perfect combination for those who wish to not only revel in nature during the summer but also immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of the region. Experience unforgettable days in this welcoming area, where every moment is filled with freedom and beauty.