The perfect yoga session on vacation

You love yoga and you don’t want to do without your daily yoga session even when on holiday we totally understand that. After all, yoga is not a sport, but a lifestyle. Your yoga session will be an even more beautiful experience if you can carry it out in the breathtaking surroundings of the Austrian Alps. So that you can integrate yoga into your daily routine even on holiday, we have fitness mats in many of our hotels and apartments and offer plenty of space for your yoga session. Visit us, for example, at VAYA Fieberbrunn, VAYA Galtür, The Crystal, Hotel Pass Thurn and VAYA Zillertal.

In addition to fitness mats and stretch bands, we also have a modern fitness room in these resorts, so that you can also complete a cardio or strength workout. Also, keep your eyes peeled for our special yoga packages with renowned yoga teachers.


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"A photographer gets people to pose for him. A yoga teacher makes people pose for themselves."

Terri Guillemets

Positive effects for body and mind

Yoga has many health benefits. It not only offers a wonderful balance to the stress of everyday life, but also keeps you fit. In addition, you strengthen and stretch your muscles with a yoga session. This in turn increases your mobility, tension and stress disappear. Concentrating on one’s own body and breathing help to block out all other things. You are completely in the here and now. Increased body awareness is also accompanied by increased self-confidence: you simply feel happier after each session.

Studies have also shown that the relaxing effect of yoga has a positive effect on sleep. Your hormones come back into balance, the heart and lungs are happy about the conscious breathing and the associated oxygen uptake. In addition, yoga stimulates digestion, promotes concentration and performance. In most of our hotels, for example in the VAYA Fieberbrunn, VAYA Galtür, VAYA Kühtai, The Crystal, in the Hotel Pass Thurn and in the VAYA Zillertal, you will find fitness mats and training rooms for your yoga sessions.


How often should YOU practice yoga?

While in many other sports breaks between training days can have a positive effect on your training progress, it is different with yoga. The hard truth is: You should go to your yoga mat every day and practice yoga. You will notice the benefits on your body and the mind almost immediately and after just a few weeks of daily practice, you will hardly recognize yourself.