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Christmas 2021

The best gift ideas
for Christmas

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Christmas 2021

Gift ideas for Christmas

The festival of festivals is just around the corner. As every year, the build up to Christmas gets earlier and earlier, then suddenly it’s a mad rush for last minute shopping, with most of the in-demand items already sold out! But what is the best thing to give to your loved ones? We have pondered this question in detail. Our answer: there are some gifts that are guaranteed to always bring joy and happiness to all who receive them. In addition, our gift ideas for Christmas 2021 meet another important criterion: you can still get them just before the start of the festival, even if your forgot to get a gift for someone.

For that someone very special: time together

This gift is ideal for those who are particularly close to your heart. It’s that special feeling of spending time together with someone you Love. Why not now share and plan to spend some special moments together in a magical place? A voucher with a beautiful card and some touching words of affection, are all that’s required and your can save on the packing! You can even give a blank voucher for an afternoon, an evening or a period of your choice and let your loved one decide what you do during this time. We also have a few ideas for you:

  • Brunch together
  • Lama or alpaca walk
  • Dinner together
  • Ski pass
  • Room Escape Game
  • A joint wellness treatment
  • Cookery course
  • Cocktail course
  • Wine tasting

Spending time together with loved ones makes for the perfect holiday. If you want to give someone this special pleasure, we recommend a visit to our online shop.. There you can buy vouchers and give away great holiday joy with little effort. And best of all: they are print@home vouchers. This means that even at the very last minute you have a gift ready. Special for the festive season you will also find some gifts and vouchers with a special Christmas motif in our voucher shop. Just choose an amount, choose your special greeting message and print it out – tadaa, the perfect gift for Christmas 2021 is ready in minutes!

Gift ideas for winter sports fans

You want to give a winter sports fan something special, but you don’t want to break the bank by spending on new skis or a new snowboard? How about a pair of snowshoes? They are already available with entry-level models for around 65 euros. And you don’t have to know the exact shoe size for that. Other popular accessories include scarves, hoods and ski goggles. Or for something more affordable we recommend a beautifully designed illustrated book with a winter theme. For example, the illustrated book “Endlich Winter” by TeNeues (ISBN 978-3899559354) for about 13 euros, “The Alps in Winter” by Kunth (ISBN 978-3899443547) for about 25 euros or “The ultimate ski book” by Gabriela Le Breton (ISBN 978-3832734046) for about 50 euros.

Personal and heartfelt
Photo books. Yes, maybe you think they are long outdated. The fact is, however, that according to recent studies, many people take tons of photos and have them on their mobile phones. And then never look at them again. The situation is different with photo books. Because if the pictures are beautifully bound and are, for example, on the living room table, people will look at them again and again, every visitor will pick up the book and marvel at your photography skills. Even showing your favorite snaps from your last ski holiday is much easier if you can simply hand over a book to someone. Then you don’t have to group around a screen. In the past, designing photo books was still a very time-consuming thing, but today it works with just a few clicks directly from your mobile phone thanks to apps like Journi. So why not give your best friend a photo book with many memories of times together? Or a photo book for your own parents with pictures of their grandchildren?

The best gift ideas for Christmas 2021: Small gifts

You probably know that too: some people you want to give a little bit of joy and show that you appreciate them. At the same time, however, you do not want to spend large amounts of money on presents. Instead of knick-knacks and other stuff that only gathers dust anyway, it’s best to give something sustainable this year. How about some homemade Christmas cookies, for example? This is not only a very personal gift, but also one that is guaranteed not to lie around for long and ultimately end up in the attic.

Another wonderful gift idea is Shower Tabs. You can get these in almost every drugstore and can easily get them at short notice. It is a firmly compressed powder flavored with essential oils. They look a bit like dishwasher tablets. You put them unpacked on the floor of the shower. And then when the warm water hits the tabs and they dissolve, they release wonderful odors. This transforms every bathroom into a kind of steam bath or wellness oasis. If that’s not even one of the best gift ideas for Christmas 2021? After all, we all need relaxation.

No matter what you choose, sustainable gift-giving is the big topic in 2021, so try to avoid gift wrapping paper and use easy-to-recycle wrapping paper instead. Gift bags that can be reused or cotton gift bags are other ideas to make Christmas a little bit more sustainable.

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