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Christmas 2023

The Best Gift Ideas
for Christmas

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Christmas 2023

Gift Ideas for Christmas

The festive season is fast approaching. Like every year, it’s a long time away at first, then suddenly time just flies by and presents are in order. But what is the best gift to give your loved ones? We have looked into this question in detail. Our result: there are some gifts that are always guaranteed to bring joy. What’s more, our gift ideas for Christmas 2023 fulfil another important criterion: you can still get them just before the festive season.

For your favourite people: time together

This gift is ideal for anyone who is particularly close to your heart. If the feeling of affection is mutual – and let’s just assume that it is – spending time together is twice as much fun. The supreme discipline when it comes to spending time together is definitely a holiday together. If you want to give someone this special treat, we recommend a visit to our online voucher shop. You can buy vouchers there and give the gift of great holiday joy with little effort. And the best thing is: these are print@home vouchers. This means that they are guaranteed to reach you on time, even at the very last minute. You can also find vouchers with a special Christmas theme to suit the occasion in our voucher shop. Simply choose an amount, add a greeting message and print it out – the perfect gift for Christmas 2023 is ready.

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Christmas Voucher

Looking for a Christmas present for someone special? Choose the amount you want and give the gift of time out! The choice is yours.

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Time Out Voucher

Whether for a birthday, wedding anniversary or as a small thank-you gift: choose the amount you want and give the gift of total freedom! The choice is yours. Redeemable at any VAYA.

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More gift ideas

Or how about a blank gift voucher for an afternoon, an evening or a period of your choice? And you let the recipient decide what you do during this time? Or you can think about possible shared experiences yourself. Service-orientated as we are, we also have a few ideas for you.

  • VAYA Time for two offer
  • Brunch or breakfast together
  • Hiking or cycling excursion
  • An evening out of the house
  • Ski day incl. ski pass
  • Film or series marathon
  • Wellness day
  • Barbecue course
  • Cocktail course
  • Wine or whisky tasting

Wrapping vouchers

Vouchers are always a good idea. We would even go so far as to say that they are the best idea! Because you’re giving a gift that is guaranteed to bring joy. But how can you wrap gift vouchers beautifully? Well, there’s the envelope, of course. You can print on it, paint it, add stickers or decorate it with dried flowers. Another idea is to roll up the voucher, put it in an empty toilet roll and wrap it like a Christmas cracker or a giant sweet.

Want another sustainable idea for voucher packaging? You can also use a large screw-top jar and make a kind of “snow globe” together with the voucher, modelling clay and themed decorations. Without water in it, of course. You could “hide” our great VAYA gift vouchers in a winter wonderland, for example.

Showcasing a VAYA voucher

Here’s how: Unscrew the lid; it serves as the base for your gift jar. Place white clay inside the lid, leaving the edges free so you can still screw on the jar. Use white and black clay to craft a snowman. Place it on the bottom of the lid. Roll the voucher very tightly and thinly; the snowman will hold it as a broom. Glue a few cotton balls into the bottom of the jar; these represent the snow clouds. You can also attach some “snowflakes” on a thin, transparent nylon thread. You can make these from the round paper scraps you find in a hole punch or simply use craft scissors.

If you’re feeling very creative, you can paint one half of the jar with acrylic paint; this will be the back of your “snow globe.” How about a picture of a ski slope, for example? Those less artistically inclined can simply print an image in the appropriate size. Keep in mind that everything you do will be flipped upside down when you screw the jar onto the lid (which serves as your base). Wrapping gifts can be a lot of fun this way

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