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Bike safari: Why cycling is good for the mind and body

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  • Bike safari: Why cycling is good for the mind and body

Biking is meditation in motion.

Over all the mountains by bike: The route over the Kitzbühel Alps is a safari of a different kind – wilderness all around, lots of fresh air, free experiences. What’s more, time on the bike is pretty good for your health. So let’s reveal why biking is much more than just rolling around on wheels.

The stones jump, sometimes to the left, sometimes to the right. All around, a swirl of azure blue, various shades of green. You drive through a sound field of splashing, rustling, chirping. It smells of flowers, blossoms, fresh mountain air. The cool forest air alternates with the warming sun; a hot-cold pleasure. It’s clear: summer in Austria’s Alps is a safari of the senses. And this can be experienced in all its glory on a bike.

Simply switch

Crossing the Alps by car? Sure, it’s faster than hiking. The big downside is that you miss out on a lot. The scent. The fresh mountain breeze on your skin. The crackling of leaves and twigs under your feet. The feeling of being in the middle of nature. If you don’t want to miss all this, but still want to get over the mountains quickly, the best thing to do is get on your bike. Whether with or without an E is up to you. And the best thing about it: time spent on the bike is also good for your health.

Cycling for the body

Numerous studies prove it: cycling is good for us, not only physically but also mentally. The constant movement, the social interaction in the cycling group and the time in the fresh air all contribute to this.

  1. Cycling reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes or various cardiovascular diseases. This is because exercise has a positive effect on heart rate and blood quality.
  2. It is good for the brain: The increased heart rate brings more oxygen into the body. This increases the brain’s ability to function because new cells are formed.
  3. Time spent on the bike puts you in a good mood and helps reduce stress: Endorphin and serotonin are released, this leads to the so-called “cycling high“. The fresh air and exercise also help to relax.
  4. A well-known, yet important effect of cycling: the sport burns around 100 calories per 10 minutes, depending on the intensity.
  5. Cycling is a social affair: with other sports enthusiasts you go over hill, dale and mountain. This connects us – and has a positive effect on our mood.

A safari on the bike

Who needs the Serengeti when you can have the Alps? VAYA invites its guests to a somewhat different kind of safari this summer: in a group you experience the Austrian wilderness at your own pace. A journey on the bike through two federal provinces: the group ride starts in Zell am See and leads via Saalbach and all the way to Fieberbrunn. The beauty of the wild Kitzbühel Alps opens up with every pedal stroke. It’s easy to surrender to it: a professional bike guide ensures that everyone reaches the finish safely and without detours. There, the VAYA vibes are already waiting for you.

Details about the VAYA E-Bike Safari can be found here.


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