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Wellness in Ladis


Ski hard, Spa hard

The outdoor life has many wonderful aspects. Hiking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing or skiing in the Austrian Alps allows you to experience the mountains from their most beautiful side. You are active in the fresh air, which is good for your lungs and makes your heart happy. You have fun and do something good for your physical fitness. But if you complete slope after slope and climb peak after peak like a Duracell bunny without a break, you shouldn’t be surprised if you run out of batteries in between. But we have something against it. Namely wellness in Ladis

Wellness delights at VAYA

At VAYA Ladis, the feel-good world consists, among other things, of a large swimming pool with a lounging area. Dive in, descend and treat your muscles to moments of weightlessness – what could be more beautiful? Just let yourself be carried for a moment and listen to your legs thanking you artfully for the break.

In the steam bath, it’s your lungs that will take a knee. The steam clears the airways and has a calming effect. So you can breathe deeply again. A steam session can also work wonders for colds, inflammation and headaches.

Equipment from us

Wonders for the calves and actually the whole body also await you in the sauna and in the infrared cabin. When your blood gets pumping, one of the results is that your muscles recover more quickly from stress. Great, isn’t it? Remember the old sauna rule: if it’s too hot, you’re just too cool.

And to make sure you have everything you need for your vacation full of wellness in Ladis, we provide you with a bath bag for the duration of your stay. With comfortable bathing shoes and a fluffy bathrobe.

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