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Winter sports and outdoor trends 2021/22

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  • The winter sports and outdoor trends 2021/22


Trends in winter 21/22

The winter sports season 2021/22 is coming soon – and with-it numerous trends and fashion that you can’t miss this winter. We introduce you to some of the must-haves or must-dos of the current 2021/22 season.

The top 5 trends


Trend #1: Sustainability

The recent spate of global natural disasters from the devastating floods, to forest fires have brought the topic of sustainability once again front and center in our daily lives. The topic also plays a major role in development of the ski and snowboard clothing this year. Many brands now offer environmentally friendly sportswear, which is produced from recycled plastic bottles or sugar cane residues. Completely compostable down jackets are also already on the market. In skis and snowboards as well as in goggles, many plastics are to be replaced by biopolymers in the future.


Trend #2: Lightweight helmets

It is quite clear that your head must be protected on the slopes and has fortunately we have seen more and more people accept this as now the norm. The less weight we have to carry around with us, the better. This season there is a particularly large selection of super light helmets for more carefree turns on the slopes.


Trend #3: Ski goggles with interchangeable lenses

The weather can change very quickly on the slopes. First bright sunshine, then snow flurries. Of course, the Goggles can’t do it so easily. That’s why some manufactures have now come up with a special trick: Depending on the weather conditions, from bright sunshine lenses to flat light and bad condition lenses the can now be changed with the click of a button with a magnetic lens swapping system.

Trend #4: Ski touring, cross-country skiing and winter hiking

The Corona virus has sharpened our awareness, and increased our need for personal space and social distance. Many no longer want to be on the road with the masses, queuing for the lifts or in close proximity to others. That’s why they have changed to the open spaces and roads less travelled, the lure of the countryside or quieter paths of nature are calling, so there is an increased trend for: ski touring, cross-country skiing or winter hiking.


Trend #5: Austria

Austria is in. At least that’s what the German’s are saying, in a recent study, 88 percent of Germans prefer to spend their winter holidays in the Austrian mountains. And the Austrians themselves, of course. We have over 25 different hotels and resorts in the Alps with some located directly on the slopes, perfect for ski-in and ski-out.

Winter holiday

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