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Gift wrapping:
beautiful and sustainable ideas


You've finally found it: The perfect gift for your favourite person.

Of course, you also want to give it a dignified setting – in other words, pretty packaging. But how do you wrap gifts sustainably and beautifully at the same time? And in the best case, simply? We’ll tell you a few tips that will make gift wrapping a simple exercise.

Sustainable gift wrapping paper

If you want to wrap gifts sustainably, you should already be attentive when choosing your packaging materials. Gift wrap paper is usually coated with foil or plastic. That looks nice. But it’s not quite as sustainable as you might think. Alternatively, you can use newsprint, wrapping paper or plain white white flipchart paper. If this is too plain for you, you can easily decorate it yourself. All you need are biscuit cutters with Christmas motifs and a few crayons.

Alternatives to Gift Tape

Sure, sparkly gift ribbon snaking in bows or curls from the package looks beautiful. But even that is not exactly a milestone in sustainable gift wrapping. So go for the Skandi style: stay minimalist. Instead of plastic gift ribbon, simply use cord or yarn. Add a sprig of laurel for extra decoration.

Choose reusables

Gift wrappings usually only have a short lifespan. And while we used to make fun of grandma who carefully peeled them off and then ironed and reused them later, today we have to say: grandma was right (as she usually is). Use several times instead of wasting is the motto. But it’s easier to do this with pretty, reusable bags or boxes than with wrapping paper. Knot wraps are also becoming increasingly popular. These are beautifully printed, reusable cloths. You knot them around your gift.

Gutscheine verpacken

Vouchers are always a good idea. We would even go so far as to say: they are the best idea! Because with them you give something that is guaranteed to bring joy. But how can you package vouchers beautifully? Well, there is of course the envelope. You can print it, paint it, put stickers on it or decorate it with dried flowers. Another idea is to roll up the voucher, put it in an empty toilet paper roll and wrap it up like a Christmas cracker or a giant sweet.

Want another sustainable idea for voucher wrapping? You can also use a large screw-top glass and, together with the voucher, modelling clay and themed decorations, make a kind of “snow globe”. Without water in it, of course. You could “hide” our great VAYA vouchers in a winter landscape, for example.

Set the scene for VAYA vouchers

This is how it works: Unscrew the lid. It is the base for your gift jar. Put white modelling clay in the lid. Leave the edges free so that you can still screw the jar on. Make a snowman out of white and black modelling clay. Place it on the bottom of the lid. Roll up the voucher very tightly and thinly. The snowman will use it as a broom. Stick some cotton wools in the bottom of the jar. These are the snow clouds. You can also attach a few “snowflakes” to a thin, transparent nylon thread. You can make them from the round paper scraps you find in the hole punch. Or you can simply use a pair of scissors.

If you are feeling very creative, you can paint one half of the glass with acrylic paints – this will be the back of your “snow globe”. How about a picture of a ski slope, for example? Less creative people can simply print one out in a suitable size. Remember that everything you make will be turned upside down later, when you screw the jar onto the lid (which is your base). Gift wrapping can be pretty fun this way too!