Culinary delights in the mountains

Where pleasure is at home

Good food and drink belong to Austria like the peaks belong to the mountains, like the skis to the pole or the vibes to VAYA. Of course you can rely on us to spoil you in culinary terms in all our establishments. If you prefer to have breakfast in your pyjamas and still don’t want to worry about shopping in the morning, you can make use of our breakfast service in our flat houses. Freshly baked goods will be delivered directly to your door. As a guest of our hotels and resorts, you’re in breakfast heaven anyway. We wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the wonderful smell of freshly brewed coffee or the crunch of the pastry that gets you up every morning. In the afternoon you can enjoy fine snacks here – and in the evening – but hello! that’s when it really gets going. Delicacies from all over the world, traditional, vegetarian and non-vegetarian, modern and regional will please even the fussiest gourmets.



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"A man who drinks only water has a secret he must hide from his peers."

Charles Baudelaire

A feast for the palate with the VAYA vibe

Depending on which VAYA you choose, the type of catering will also differ. As a guest in our apartement houses, you can completely cater for yourself during your holiday. A fully equipped kitchen is at your disposal. You can also book our breakfast service. Then you will witness a special magic trick: Every morning, crispy fresh pastries will magically appear at your flat door. In our hotels and resorts, on the other hand, a sumptuous breakfast buffet awaits you.

Here you can choose the best from the region, there is unbelievably good coffee – nothing else works! – and regional cheese and sausage specialities. Together with juices, freshly prepared egg dishes, fruit and vegetables as well as cereals, these combine to make a perfect breakfast treat. We understand if you keep going to the buffet and postpone your walk to the piste or hiking trail for a while.

In the evening, our hotels and resorts tempt you with great menus. Some of these are served, others you choose yourself from the buffet what you like best. But you can always expect tasty and high-quality delicacies.

Wine goes VAYA

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. We sacrifice ourselves for you and regularly travel to the wine regions of the country to find the best wines for you. So be sure to ask for the wine list.