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Your time out

Digital Detox

Your digital time out

Digital Detox

Do you ever feel that you are always ON, always available, everywhere there is the constant ping of news, alerts and a flood of information, the dreaded Inbox is always’ full? A few days without a smartphone, tablet and emails can work wonders. It helps us refresh and refocus on the important things in life, it let us perceive our environment much more consciously again.

Sensory overload auf the smartphone

Oh, what wonders our smartphone can do … It rings when someone calls. It plays a sound when we receive a text message. It beeps every time someone writes to us. On WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram. Then there are the social media and various apps. The endless new notifications. And even if they have little relevance to us, the number only goes away when we have looked at it. It works the same way with our e-mails the inbox never clears – as a rule, private and professional things mix and merge on the smartphone. Push notifications repeatedly pull us out of the thing we are actually busy with. It beeps incessantly, the inbox grows and grows. At some point there comes a point where we say to ourselves: Enough is Enough. The mind and body need’s a break.

Have you ever taken a digital break? No smartphone, no laptop, no tablet, not even a TV. Give it a try. You will see how refreshed and relaxed you will feel afterwards. Even if at the start it will be difficult and you may want to reach for the mobile phone non-stop, but the break is worthwhile.

Digital Detox in a new environment

You don’t think you can do that at home? It is best to give it a try somewhere else away from your normal day to day. Our VAYA resorts you are close to nature. Discover the beautiful mountain vistas, experience nature, smell the grass, listen to the birds singing, instead of looking into your phone in a green meadow or forest. Look at the wildlife, be still and just observe, you will see things in a whole new light, you will see the bird or squirrel running from tree to tree or a beetle crawling on the forest floor. You will make our new shapes in the clouds. Perhaps take one of our prepared picnic baskets on your trip or on your walk. You will share great conversation and memories with your colleagues and friends instead of texts or messaging. You can relax and our beautiful hotel lounges and facilities. Thinking about something for a few minutes instead of googling it. Reading a book, give your eyes a break from all the screens. You will find that you perceive reality and everything that is happening around you much more consciously.


The body is also happy

Digital Detox is also wonderful for your health. Because we are consistently looking at our smartphone it strains our wrists, neck, back and eyes. Give your body a break. Take a step back and experience nature and let our VAYA wellness experts pamper you. Go on you deserve it.

VAYA Resorts

Service at the highest level, excellent locations in the premier resorts throughout Austria. Typical VAYA design with the highest quality furnishing and the use of wood, glass and leather characterize the VAYA Resorts. With many different accommodation types and categories to choose from, there is something for everyone, stunning wellness areas and the lifestyle restaurant VAYA Bar & Grill all complement a wonderful stay.

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VAYA Apartments

The equipment of our exclusive VAYA apartments leaves nothing to be desired. They are available in many different sizes and configurations. Thanks to the integrated kitchen with a dining area, allow you to spend your holidays how you like in your own time. A number of additional services are available on request such as a bread and pastry morning delivery service.

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VAYA Unique

Exceptional service, highest quality in every area and unique design characterize VAYA Unique. Its unique location makes it just as special as its facilities. In addition to culinary delights, you will also experience wellness at its best at VAYA Unique. VAYA Unique is special – just like you.

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Individual in their equipment, but united by the typical VAYA vibe: this is how the apartment houses, hotels and all-inclusive resorts in the 3- and 4-star range by VAYA present themselves, which you will find in the most popular holiday regions and winter sports resorts in Austria

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