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Holidays at the lake

Jump Into the cool water with VAYA

Water is a wonderful invention of nature. It is the basis of life. When taken internally, it ensures that the body is well hydrated. And thus to enable all important processes in the body. Applied externally, it cleanses, pleases us with its sight, gives us refreshment and is at the same time a kind of outdoor playground. H20 also has a beneficial effect on the psyche. Reason enough to book a holiday at the lake soon.

This is how important water is for the body

Water is an essential component of cells and tissues and thus gives the body its shape. It is needed in all organs. Most importantly, it is for the kidneys and brain. After all, the kidneys are responsible for flushing everything out of the body that is no longer needed or even harmful.

The brain must be constantly supplied with nutrients in order to work well. Water is also enormously important for this. After all, blood also consists to a large extent of the clear liquid. Fortunately, word has already got around that the internal water supply is vital. Surely, we don’t have to tell you that you should drink enough of it, especially in hot temperatures, do we?

Water makes you happy

Surely you know the calming feeling that sets in when you look at water. So maybe not if it’s in front of us in a bottle or a glass. But when you think of a lake, a stream, a rushing river, a waterfall or the sea, it does something to you, doesn’t it? In fact, the view of the water is good for the soul. We know this not only from our own experience. This has been proven by researchers in studies.

According to marine biologist Wallace Nichols, one reason for this could be that our bodies consist of almost 70 percent water. And as a result, a deep biological connection exists that triggers a direct response in the brain. Studies show that even the sound of water activates the release of messenger substances that stimulate blood circulation and affect well-being. It also showed that people can talk about themselves much more easily when they walk along the water. Water surfaces can serve as a projection surface that helps to think about oneself and one’s mood.

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Holidays at the lake for the soul

Those who swim in the water feel its power. The ebb and flow of the waves and the feeling of weightlessness also make the trials and tribulations of everyday life fall away. Many people feel that they have new energy after a swim in a lake or sea. Clever minds from the field of psychology explain this by the fact that water is a kind of barrier to the “Every Day Hustle” of constant communication, floods of news, electronic sprinkling and noise.

With the VAYA Zell am See in Salzburg and the Achensee Resort by VAYA in Tyrol, you have two properties available for your holiday at the lake. But also from our other VAYAs the nearest mountain lake or stream is always only a stone’s throw away. With its crystal clear water and temperatures of up to 23 degrees in summer, Lake Zell is one of the most popular lakes in Austria. It is suitable for swimming as well as for a variety of water sports. Among the many activities on offer are Paddle Boarding to surfing, sailing and boat trips. The Achensee, as the largest lake in Tyrol, is in no way inferior to it in this respect.

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Service at the highest level, excellent locations in the premier resorts throughout Austria. Typical VAYA design with the highest quality furnishing and the use of wood, glass and leather characterize the VAYA Resorts. With many different accommodation types and categories to choose from, there is something for everyone, stunning wellness areas and the lifestyle restaurant VAYA Bar & Grill all complement a wonderful stay.

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VAYA Apartments

The equipment of our exclusive VAYA apartments leaves nothing to be desired. They are available in many different sizes and configurations. Thanks to the integrated kitchen with a dining area, allow you to spend your holidays how you like in your own time. A number of additional services are available on request such as a bread and pastry morning delivery service.

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VAYA Unique

Exceptional service, highest quality in every area and unique design characterize VAYA Unique. Its unique location makes it just as special as its facilities. In addition to culinary delights, you will also experience wellness at its best at VAYA Unique. VAYA Unique is special – just like you.

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Individual in their equipment, but united by the typical VAYA vibe: this is how the apartment houses, hotels and all-inclusive resorts in the 3- and 4-star range by VAYA present themselves, which you will find in the most popular holiday regions and winter sports resorts in Austria

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