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The best tips

Ski touring:
The best tips for your trip to the mountains

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  • Ski touring: The best tips for your trip to the mountains

Ski touring

Your trip to the mountains

So, you are now comfortable with the ski lift up the mountain and then a nice fast downhill run this is your ski holiday to date. But if you believe those who are passionate about ski touring then you are definitely missing out on all the fun. Because for them, even the climb up the mountain is a treat. Albeit a strenuous one. But it’s true: When you go on a ski tour, you get to know the mountains from an entirely new perspective. You move at your own pace. You feel the fresh air flooding your lungs. You make an effort. And at the top, a wonderful panoramic view awaits you before returning to the valley. But what is there to consider when ski touring? We have a few important tips and tricks for you.

The basics: equipment for the first ski tour

It’s best to rent the equipment for your first ski tour at a sports shop. You will always find one of them near our VAYA Resorts. The advantage: you can try different skis and boots. In addition, experienced winter sports professionals will advise you. You then have to make a few decisions. For example, whether you prefer a wider downhill or a lighter ascent-oriented touring ski. Or what kind of binding, boot and ski skins you prefer. Once you have tried them out and know what you like, then you can get your own set later. What other equipment do I need?

  • Ski helmet
  • Gloves
  • Ski backpack, approx. 25 to 30 L volume
  • A change of clothes
  • Provisions</strong
  • Sufficient liquid, ideally warm in a thermos
  • Sun protection (also for the lips!) and sunglasses
  • Emergency equipment, consisting of avalanche transceiver (LSV device), avalanche probe, avalanche shovel


Preparation is all

Before you set off, it’s important to familiarize yourself with how to use your emergency kit. Although avalanches are rare, they pose a real danger. In addition, it is worth taking a course or workshop on this topic. For example, you can complete online safety courses or attend a practical course on site in any major winter tourism region.Before you go, familiarize yourself with the current avalanche report for your region . If you’ve never been ski touring, practice the right technique in flat, secured terrain. Ideally take some lessons for a professional or someone who is an experienced ski tourer. Most ski schools in Austria runs these courses. At the same time, you will also learn interesting facts about slope rules and everything about obstacles or possible dangers in open terrain.

The right technique for ski touring

Practice makes perfect. What you should consider in advance for your trip to the summit:

  • When ski touring, you do not lift your legs and skis. You push them forward. And thus, glide uphill, as it were.
  • Take generous “steps”, keep your knees bent. You pull the rear ski with permanent contact with the ground.
  • Keep the body’s center of gravity above the loaded ski.
  • Your body weight must be distributed over the entire sole of the foot, especially in steeper terrain.
  • Choose the right climbing aid for each slope.
  • If you feel like you’re sliding backwards, you can’t bend forward. You will lose stability and you will go even faster downhill. You must stay centrally over the binding and strain the heels. This stops you going backwards.
  • Learn how to change direction on steep terrain:
    • Step out of the track with a flat “parking lot” parallel to the slope and stand strongly.
    • Ram both poles into the snow and move the ski on the mountain side like a windshield wiper.
    • Shift weight to these skis, bring the second skis to the new direction by lifting your heels.
  • Do not hold the ski poles through the loops.
  • Practice off-piste skiing.

Ski touring is a wonderful sport in which you train the entire body. When you master the technique, it quickly feels like you’re gliding uphill almost effortlessly. And then what? Quite simply: Then the second, faster part of ski touring begins.

The descent

Either you choose a climb that takes you to a groomed downhill slope to get started. Or you can drive straight in and go for the wide-open spaces, but of course make sure it is within your abilities, take it easy at first and don’t over estimate your skills. Practice is key. Practice skiing in open terrain first in the ski resort on unpaved passages between the slopes. Descents in open terrain are only fun if you ski through powder snow.

For other snow conditions, such as harsh or wet snow, you should be a real freeride professional. The best way to get through the powder snow is to keep your skis tight, almost closed. With light pressure on your heels. Do not go with the upper body in reserve. Move out of your knees. To enjoy ski touring, you don’t have to be a professional skier. But you should master the sport reasonably well.

Top tip for beginners: Ski touring in Zell am See-Kaprun

For starters, you should stick to marked ski tours. In the glacier ski area of Kitzsteinhorn or on the ski touring mountain of Ronachkopf in Thumersbach you will find many possibilities. Especially the ski touring mountain of Ronachkopf offers great panoramas and a beautiful trail. The cosy Enzianhütte is available for refreshments. On your way you ascend about 500 meters of altitude difference on a prepared ascent track.

On the Kitzsteinhorn Glacier, the two ski tours the Snow Queen and Icebreaker await you. Here you can let off steam from mid-October. The tours start at Langwiedboden. In addition, every Wednesday evening ski touring fans can use the slopes on the Maiskogel until 8 pm. Your starting point for these adventures? Of course the VAYA Zell am See.

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