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Tomorrow's Snow:
Alternative Winter Sports for 2023

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  • Snow of tomorrow: alternative winter sports for 2023

Try something new

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

This season we are conquering the winter mountain worlds in new ways. Skis and snowboards are briefly put aside to make way for these alternatives: whether it’s zorbing or classic cross-country skiing, this winter we’re bringing new verve to our sports routines. Here’s how you can find your winter sports wonderland at VAYA, by the way, even if you’re not a skier.

Endurance running: cross-country skiing

You know the picture: people hurrying down the slopes with poles in their hands. A little skiing, a little running. Quite a lot of effort. But why should you give cross-country skiing a chance? Because, despite all the effort, it’s a pretty fun winter sport. The trails are extremely varied: one moment you’re pushing yourself across the snow with poles, the next you’re shooting down a slope. So it’s a real full-body workout. This also makes cross-country skiing perfect for those who like to work out.


On the cross-country track with VAYA

Cross-country skiing pros and novices are in good hands at VAYA Seefeld .sind Langlaufprofis und -neulinge gut aufgehoben. The 40 or so cross-country trails in the region cover a total of 245 kilometres. And a real cross-country paradise also awaits you at VAYA Galtür and VAYA Achensee. What are you waiting for?

Led onto the ice: Ice skating

People have been gliding across the ice for thousands of years. Whereas in the past we used to skate on blades made of bone, today we skate on metal blades. It is mainly the younger generation that regularly ventures onto the ice in winter. We think so: Even in adulthood, skating is a lot of fun. And after a few wobbly steps, you’ll soon get the hang of it.


On the ice with VAYA

Around the VAYAs you will not only find Austria’s most beautiful ski resorts – but also ice skating rinks. For example, at VAYA Seefeld. Or also in VAYA Zell am See: in the town itself there is even a large ice rink, in addition to places in the open air.


Have a sporty ball: Zorbing

Zorbing: This fun winter trend sounds a bit absurd at first, but it’s a lot of fun. Just like a bobsleigh ride, you go down the hill in no time at all. And it’s done in a big plastic ball, the zorb. To ensure that nothing happens to the Zorbonauts, there are specially prepared Zorbing slopes. By the way: for safety reasons, only people under 85 kilograms and under 1.85 metres are allowed to zorb down the mountain.


Roll around with VAYA

The nearest zorbing track is near VAYA Zell am See: if the snow conditions are good, it’s at Snow Space Salzburg, an hour’s drive away.

Pssst: Zorbing a bit too wild for you? Then go for a sled ride instead. You’ll find great routes all around VAYA Zillertal.

Take to the slopes by bike: Snowbiking

Cycling in the snow – it’s better than you might think at first. Because you ride through the white masses with a specially created snowbike. Instead of wheels, it has runners like a sledge and glides carefree through and over the icy ground. Don’t worry: thanks to the electric drive, the ride is not too strenuous. The winter wheel was invented at the end of the 19th century. The patent itself, however, dates back to 1949: at that time, the Austrian inventor Engelbert Brenter called his model “Sitzski” and patented it. Incidentally, the sport itself is also known as skibobbing.


With VAYA through the snow

The best place to go for a snowbike tour is VAYA Seefeld. Not far from the hotel, you will find a rental shop for the magnificent moonbikes at the Muggenmoosalm on the Seefeld Plateau.

Through the Winter Wonderland: Snow Hike

A classic that we leave out far too often: the snow hike. You simply strap on a good pair of snowshoes, wrap up warmly – and off you go. The many marked hiking trails lead you into a winter wonderland. The air is crystal clear, the view magnificent. And one thing is clear: hidden under the thick blanket of snow, the mountain landscape has a particularly magical effect. A winter sport that is truly suitable for all skill levels.


With VAYA on high tours

Are you in the mood for long winter hikes? You can satisfy it at VAYA Pfunds and VAYA Nauders. Nauders, for example, is located at 1,395 metres above sea level and offers a trail network of 2,000 kilometres. And also in the Pfundser Tschey you can trudge along countless prepared winter hiking trails.

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