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Fit for the skiing holiday

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Getting fit for a skiing holiday in the Alps

The time is coming for your ski holiday it’s just around the corner. It’s time to make the most of your winter holiday. Many of us have put on a few kilos due to the extended time at home, due to the recent lockdowns, we have not been out and about as normal. Now is the time to get fit before you carve your first turn in the pristine snow. A good fitness level makes the winter sports experience more enjoyable but also safer. Good physical preparation counteracts the risk of injury. We’ll show you how.

#1 The right time

It is best to start your fitness regime from six to eight weeks prior to your winter sports holiday. The following exercises prepare your muscle groups which are most affected during skiing or snowboarding.

#2 warm up

It is very important to warm up prior to any exercise so as not to risk injury. Make a few stretches and limber up, shake to loosen up those muscle groups. Then were off.

#3 strength training

Work on strengthening your leg, core and hip muscles. Do lunge squats, which improve your sense of balance. Attention: Keep your core tight during the entire exercise, so suck in and hold your tummy muscles. Do the following exercise Hollow Hold, Hindu Squats and end with the Cobra push-ups. All muscles are strengthened during these exercises. Last but not least, do a few Side Support poses to improve your body stability and Swimmers pose for your back and core muscles.

#4 endurance training

If you want to enjoy a full day on the slopes and do as many runs as possible, and not be out of breath and taking too many breaks. You need to work on your endurance training. If you like to do your exercise outside, go for a cycle or a jog and gradually increase the distance or time each week. If you prefer to stay indoors, go to the gym and do some cardio, try some skipping or some aerobic exercises if you have no equipment.

#5 balance exercise

It is important that you have a good balance on your ski or board. Do squats on one leg (sometimes left, then right again) and get a balance board – it works wonders.

Holidays in the alps

Ski holidays at VAYA

We have a total of 24 VAYA hotels and resorts in Salzburg and Tyrol. You can spend the most amazing ski holiday you can imagine at our hotels and resorts. The Austrian Alps are simply the perfect place to let the sun shine on your face, feel the wind in your hair as you whizz down the glistening snow-covered runs and breath in the crip clean mountain air. In many of our properties you can ski-in and ski-out with the hotels and apartments located directly on the slopes. Whatever your requirements, you will find what you are looking for with us. So, let’s get started and book your holiday now.

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