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The best tips for a more relaxed spring with pollen allergies

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  • The best tips for a more relaxed spring with pollen allergies


Pollen allergy

After the time change at the latest, it is official: spring is here again. What many of us need to look outside for, people with pollen allergies notice much earlier. For them, spring means itchy eyes and constant sneezing and coughing. But why are we allergic to pollen? What can you do about it? We reveal the best tips for pollen allergies and give you a spoiler alert along the way: holidays help! But more on that later. First things first.

Where does a pollen allergy come from?

Where does pollen allergy come from? Why are some people allergic to pollen? Maybe you’ve asked yourself the same question. And even if you haven’t, we’ll give you the explanation here. In principle, every allergy is a malfunction of the immune system. The immune system is supposed to keep dangerous invaders out of our bodies. If it accidentally mistakes certain proteins that are actually harmless for dangerous, it tries to get rid of these supposedly “harmful pathogens” by any means necessary. It produces substances such as histamine – and this in turn irritates the mucous membranes in the nose, throat and eyes. Why? Because it tries to get the “enemies out of the body by mistake”.

In most cases, allergies develop over the years. Typically, they consolidate between the ages of seven and 14. Pollen allergy – also called hay fever – affects about 15 percent of adults. And the trend is rising. Whether you are allergic to something also has to do with your genes. So maybe you can really blame Mum and Dad here. Because if both of you suffer from a pollen allergy, there’s a 60 percent chance that you’ll be on your last legs this spring. That’s not nothing.

Pollen: The enemy in the air

The declared enemy of many people with hay fever, namely 90 percent, is hazelnut, alder, birch, rye and mugwort. Hazel and alder pollen fly in January or February, depending on the weather. Then birch, oak, ash, beech and lilac follow.

In summer, it is grasses and cereals. Flowering herbs and weeds make life difficult for allergic people in autumn. Those who react to several types of pollen have the worst luck. Symptoms can occur for up to six months. The pollen warning service reveals which pollen is currently flying on its website or in the app.

The best tips for pollen allergies

If you are suffering very badly, you are hopefully under medical treatment. In that case, hyposensitisation or the use of antihistamines and other medications are possible. Your life is hell in spring, but you are not being treated by a professional? Get going, you need to change that. In addition, or if you only have mild symptoms, here are the best tips for pollen allergies. You can easily incorporate them into your daily life:


The best tips

  • Pay attention to the pollen forecast. Then you’ll know when it’s best not to go outside for exercise.
  • Especially when the weather is warm, dry and windy, it’s better to go to the gym than jogging outside. If you want to exercise outside, choose a time just after a rain shower. Then the air is clean.
  • Air out when the pollen count is lower. In the city, this is in the morning between 6 and 8 am. In the countryside, in the evening, between 7 pm and midnight. But we can’t tell you how the pollen knows what time it is.
  • Get to grips with the pollen at home with a hoover. Regular wiping of floors and surfaces also helps. Pro tip: Get a hoover with a particulate air filter.
  • Our favourite point: drive away the pollen. Seriously, spend your holiday in a pollen-free zone.
  • For the time being, there is only air-dried bacon. Not the laundry. Because if you hang your freshly washed textiles outside, they will collect pollen. We can come up with as many good tips for pollen allergies as we like.
  • Speaking of laundry: It’s best to undress in the hallway when you get home and then march straight into the shower. Wash your hair too. That way you don’t spread pollen all over the house.
  • If you like to sleep or work with the windows open, a pollen screen on the windows can help.
  • Air purifiers can significantly reduce pollen levels at home and in the office.


Holidays for allergy sufferers

Of course, you could just go to the desert in spring. It’s just a bit dull. A stay in the mountains offers more variety. Hiking, watching nature awaken, maybe even a little skiing: VAYA makes it possible. You will find our hotels, flat houses and resorts in the most beautiful places in the Austrian Alps.
Most of them are located above 1,500 metres. There is hardly any pollen here. One example is VAYA Kühtai. There you can still make your turns on the slopes until Easter. It is located at over 2,000 metres. The air there is not only clean, but pore-deep pure.

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