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Cool cocktails

VAYA Vibes for at home

Cool cocktails for hot days

This summer shows what he can do. Only one thing helps: cool down! However, you have not always booked a holiday with VAYA and can refresh yourself in the pool, most of us do not have an own pool at home either. Our tip: Refresh yourself from within – in the summer you should make sure you drink enough anyway.

VAYA trendy cocktails

Of course, this should primarily be water. But in between you can also enjoy a delicious cocktail. Patrick Aichlseder is someone who knows how to create them. Born in Upper Austria, he won the sommelier training competition of the Sommelier Union Austria in 2020. After completing his education at the tourism schools in Baden, he worked at first-class locations, including the 5-star Hotel Coworth Park in Ascot, UK, and earned numerous additional diplomas. Among other things, he is a beer sommelier, sparkling wine sommelier, wine academic and certified sake sommelier.

Not only the guests of VAYA Post Saalbach, where he works as F&B manager, benefit from his expertise, but also those who have not yet been lucky enough to get to know the special VAYA vibes personally and taste his creations on site. He likes to share his recipes for cool drinks. What they all have in common: These cocktails are also easy to make for those who reach for the shaker for the first time. They are quick to prepare, refreshing and simply taste great.

The sparkling one: „Verjus Spritz“
This non-alcoholic cocktail is conjured up in no time. Just two ingredients and some ice and the cocktail is ready.
Ingredients for 1 drink:

  • 4 cl non-alcoholic Verjus
  • 1/8 soda
  • Ice

Pour ice into a wine glass, add Verjus and soda, stir and enjoy.

The Quickie: „Rose Lemon“
This cocktail is prepared super quickly and is ideal as an aperitif for the next summer party.
Ingredients for 1 drink:

  • 2 cl lemongrass spirit
  • 150 ml Fentimans Rose Lemonade
  • Ice cubes
  • Lime or lemon slices

Mix the ingredients in an glass and pour into a wine glass with ice cubes and decorate.

The classic: „Americano“
In America, if you order an Americano, you get filter coffee of dubious quality. In high-quality bars, on the other hand, it is known as a cocktail:
Ingredients for 1 drink:

  • 3 cl Campari
  • 3 cl Vermouth
  • Shot of soda
  • Ice

Stir the ingredients in the glass over ice and top up with soda.

The Reimagined: „Hibiskus Fizz“
Gin Tonic was yesterday – Hibiscus Fizz is today. And all without alcohol. This is how easy it is to prepare the trendy drink:

  • 4 cl non-alcoholic gin
  • 2 cl fresh lemon juice
  • 2 cl hibiscus syrup
  • Shot of soda
  • Ice cubes

Mix the ingredients in the shaker and shake well. Then pour into the glass, top up with soda and add ice cubes.


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