Fitness on holiday

Sure, it’s good to take a break from training and give your muscles a well-earned rest. But if you follow a routine and want to continue your training on holiday as usual or if fitness training is simply one of the things that make you happy, we totally understand that too. Then you are in the right place at VAYA Fieberbrunn, The Crystal VAYA Unique, Hotel Pass Thurn by VAYA and VAYA Zillertal. At VAYA Kühtai you train with breathtaking panoramic views. Our fitness rooms are equipped with modern equipment, so that you can pursue your cardio or strength training to your heart’s content. In addition to weights, bicycles, rowing machines and treadmills, you will also find stretch bands and fitness mats for your yoga sessions on vacation.


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"You can have results or excuses. Not both."

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Active holiday

Finally, holiday – finally sweet idleness from morning to evening … You can do it. But you don’t have to. On the one hand, the VAYA properties are located in the most beautiful holiday and active regions of the Austrian mountains. They are therefore your ideal home base for a holiday with a lot of training in the fresh air. Enduring mountain hikes, alpine trails, challenging mountain bike routes and challenging ski slopes ensure that you stay fit.

In addition, we offer you well-equipped gyms in our flagship VAYA Fieberbrunn as well as in the new VAYA Kühtai, in The Crystal, in the Hotel Pass Thurn and in the VAYA Zillertal. So, you don’t have to do without a rest day on holiday. Whether strength, endurance training or both are your thing: treadmills, wheels, weights, rowing machines and fitness mats are at your disposal in our training rooms.


Everyone deserves a break. But if you value your fitness, not too much rest time should pass between the individual workout sessions. According to experts, muscle breakdown begins as early as the 72nd hour after the last workout. This is a normal physiological process that also affects recreational sports enthusiasts. But you don’t have to worry about your physique yet. The physique only after about four weeks of sweet idleness.