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How to boost your immune system

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Immune system boost

When the temperatures drop in autumn and the summer heat is replaced by cooler temperatures, shorter days and cold and wet weather, the time has come when bacteria and viruses feel particularly at home. It is no coincidence that autumn is the peak season for colds, flu, etc. Our most important ally in the fight against external pathogens is the immune system. It stands ready like an army to fight the pesky invaders. If you take care of your immune system, you give it everything it needs to protect you from many diseases. This is how you strengthen your immune system.

The top 5 tips

Tip #1: The base – healthy food

A balanced diet rich in vitamins makes you more efficient and you feel better. Your immune system is also happy. It benefits from a good supply of nutrients. Vitamin C is the super weapon for your defence cells. Fortunately, it is found in all fruits and vegetables. The highest concentrations are found in acerola cherries, rose hips, sea buckthorn berries, blackcurrants, peppers, strawberries and citrus fruits. You’ll find a wide selection of fruit and vegetables at our breakfast buffets. The best thing is to eat more than once. Sea fish and seafood provide the body with important zinc. Together with selenium, this trace element protects the cells. The immune system needs both to function normally. The latter is hidden in meat, fish, eggs, lentils and asparagus.


Tip #2: Stay relaxed

Did you know where the seat of the immune system is? It is the intestine. That’s where 70 per cent of all defence cells are located. Our intestine is a small miracle and does incredible things day after day. At the same time, however, it is also sensitive. It reacts strongly to stressful situations and environmental stimuli. This in turn influences the work of the immune system in a negative way. So if you want to do something good for yourself, stay relaxed. Reduce stress as much as possible. This is easier said than done. That’s why you should also allow yourself several conscious time-outs in your everyday life. Take breaks. And take time out regularly. Studies show that it is more effective to take several small holidays than one big one. That’s where we come in: let yourself be pampered at a VAYA resort. With us, you can switch off and forget about everyday life.


Tip #3: Soak up the sun

Vitamin D is actually the precursor of a hormone, so it’s not a real vitamin. Nevertheless, we need it, it is even elementary for our immune system. When sunlight hits our skin, our body produces it itself. This is a good thing, because it is only present in small quantities in foods such as sea fish, veal, eggs, mushrooms and avocados. Regular exposure to the sun is therefore particularly important. Also, and especially in winter. When you make a VAYA your home base, you enjoy the sun in the mountains, in the most beautiful places in the Austrian Alps. Who would have thought that you can easily strengthen your immune system while having a coffee on one of our sun terraces – for example at VAYA Kühtai or VAYA Zell am See?

Tip #4: Feel the heat

Regular sauna sessions are another boost for the immune system. This increases the temperature inside the body. The blood vessels dilate. Blood circulation is promoted. The physiological mechanisms are similar for fever. Studies show that regular sauna sessions have a positive effect on health and the immune system. In terms of its effect on the body, a sauna session can be compared to a light exercise session, such as going for a walk. Most of our VAYAs offer saunas where you can relax and do something good for your body. Some of them even have penthouses and suites with their own sauna. Here you will find our article with everything you need to know about saunas.


Tip #5: Include movement

When you spend your holiday with us, you can’t help but give in to temptation. The temptation to get outside in the fresh air. Whether you prefer to take a walk, explore trails on a mountain bike, lace up your hiking boots or are a winter sports fan, it doesn’t matter. The main thing is to get moving! It gets your circulation going and gives your immune system a boost.
Beautiful nature on your doorstep, endless possibilities for exercise, healthy food and everyday stress that stays at home: the 25 VAYA resorts are your personal training centre for strong defences.


Off into the mountains

Beautiful nature on your doorstep, endless exercise options, healthy food and everyday stress left at home: the 25 resorts of VAYA are your personal training centre for strong defences.

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