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A relaxed start to the new year:
Here's how to succeed

New Year

Well, have you made a few good resolutions for the new year?

Cool, we always do the same. After all, we need something that we can safely forget about by 14 January at the latest. We do the really important things anyway: Holidays in Austria, of course with VAYA. Book early. Stay longer. Start the new year relaxed.

What happens when you are stressed?

Basically, there are two types of stress. The positive one, which science calls “Eu-stress”. And the negative. This is called “di-stress”. The two differ in how they feel. Eu-stress has a motivating and activating effect. Di-stress results in unpleasant feelings. For example, fear, anger or panic. Depending on whether it lasts long and is strong and whether we feel we can cope with it, stress tends to be positive or negative.

Stress is felt in situations of threat. In the broadest sense, of course. Because although the thought of the in-laws visiting may stress us out, it is not a life-threatening event. Even if rumours say otherwise. An encounter with a yeti or an avalanche, on the other hand, is a very real danger. Either way, the body reacts by releasing adrenaline and noradrenaline. These so-called “stress hormones” cause blood pressure and blood sugar to rise. The bronchial tubes dilate. In short: we prepare ourselves for “fight or flight”. Completely unconsciously.

Why is stress so bad for you?

Apart from the fact that it just doesn’t feel good when we are stressed, this state – if it lasts for a long time – has negative effects on the body. Exhaustion, a weakening of the immune system, burnout, depression and even the promotion of cardiovascular diseases are the result.

You can tell if you have too much stress by headaches, insomnia, dizziness, stomach problems, disturbed eating habits, concentration problems, constant brooding and absent-mindedness. These are all things that you would not put on your wish list. So it is all the more important to do something about stress.

How do you start the New Year relaxed?

The most important thing first: plan regular time-outs. Proceed from small to large. Every day you should have at least one hour just for you. A weekend every month. And every few months a real holiday. And the best place to spend it is with us. We have plenty of fresh air for you. You also have the opportunity to let yourself be pampered. You can be active to your heart’s content. Or simply do nothing at all. All this contributes significantly to lowering your stress level. You could say VAYA is healthy.

As a superboost for your relaxed start into the new year and for the rest of the year, we have also come up with a special. Our meditation and yoga retreats. The former is held by the renowned meditation trainer Loten Dahortsang. Born in Tibet, he has lived in Switzerland since 1982 and can look back on a great deal of experience. But how does meditation have a positive effect on the body? Here we have collected everything you need to know on this topic for you. In a nutshell: Meditation stimulates the body’s self-healing processes, lowers blood pressure, relieves cramps and much more.

Yoga has also been known to be extremely healthy for a long time. Your hormone balance is restored, your heart and lungs are happy about conscious breathing. You pay more attention to yourself, are in the here and now. And as a result, you don’t get stressed so easily. Yoga also strengthens your self-confidence. If you are longing for a healthy time-out including yoga flows, then we recommend our VAYA yoga retreats with the popular yoga teacher Sandra König. Because relaxation is important all year round.

The dates

Meditation Retreats with Loten Dahortsang

  • until 9 July 2023, VAYA Kühtai
  • until 22 October 2023, VAYA Zillertal

The meditation retreats include 3 nights’ accommodation, welcome drink, welcome gift, half board, lunch snacks, meditation sessions and use of the wellness and fitness area. They are available from 585 euros/person in a double room.

Yoga Retreats with Sandra König

The yoga retreats consist of two to three nights’ accommodation, half board, welcome drink, welcome gift, yoga classes with Austria’s best-known radio voice and most popular yoga teacher, Sandra König, use of the wellness and fitness area. They are available from 299 euros/person in a double room.

VAYA Resorts

Service at the highest level, excellent locations in the premier resorts throughout Austria. Typical VAYA design with the highest quality furnishing and the use of wood, glass and leather characterize the VAYA Resorts. With many different accommodation types and categories to choose from, there is something for everyone, stunning wellness areas and the lifestyle restaurant VAYA Bar & Grill all complement a wonderful stay.

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VAYA Apartments

The equipment of our exclusive VAYA apartments leaves nothing to be desired. They are available in many different sizes and configurations. Thanks to the integrated kitchen with a dining area, allow you to spend your holidays how you like in your own time. A number of additional services are available on request such as a bread and pastry morning delivery service.

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VAYA Unique

Exceptional service, highest quality in every area and unique design characterize VAYA Unique. Its unique location makes it just as special as its facilities. In addition to culinary delights, you will also experience wellness at its best at VAYA Unique. VAYA Unique is special – just like you.

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Individual in their equipment, but united by the typical VAYA vibe: this is how the apartment houses, hotels and all-inclusive resorts in the 3- and 4-star range by VAYA present themselves, which you will find in the most popular holiday regions and winter sports resorts in Austria

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