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The power of Meditation:
Meditating is so healthy

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  • The power of Meditation: Meditating is so healthy


Effects on body and mind

Each of us knows those phases in life when you feel like everything is somehow becoming too much. And although we know that stress has a negative effect on us, we still carry on and on. Because when we take a break, eventually the work catches up and it becomes more and more – right? That’s only half the story. It is no coincidence that there is the wisdom in the phrase “If you are in a hurry, go slowly.” It basically says nothing more than, “If you’re stressed, give yourself a break.” But not just any break. More and more people swear by the power of meditation. But what is meditation anyway? And is meditation healthy for us?

Why do people meditate?

Many peoples and nations do not even think whether meditation is healthy or not, they just do it. Why? Because it is an integral part of their cultures, both in the here and now and as well as in ancient cultures. Meditation is an integral part of ancient Chinese and Indian healing. In meditation, you practice the art of inner stillness. Because our mind is a pretty restless thing, you will understand when you lie awake at night, dead tired in bed after a strenuous and challenging day and your thoughts are still racing around and around your head.

Stop the merry go round of thoughts. Slow down your breathing, lower your heart rate – and thus get rid of those harmful stress hormones. These are the goals of meditation. It is more popular than ever as a relaxation method. But that’s no wonder. Of the countless people who meditate regularly, there is scientific evidence that it works.

How does meditation affect the body?

For some time now, this question has repeatedly been the subject of scientific investigations. In fact, there is a lot of evidence that regular meditation is healthy. The stimulation of the self-healing processes and the immune system, for example, have been proven. Meditation also has a positive effect on cardiovascular problems. Our blood pressure drops. You can significantly reduce the risk of stress-related secondary diseases through meditation.

Stress is poison for the body. It promotes chronic inflammation, which can lead to many diseases. Also cramps that cause pain become fewer and fewer after regular meditation. It alleviates fears and helps to tap into one’s own resources. Is meditation a miracle cure? Actually, yes. Because after a 20-minute session, you feel reborn. And have so much energy that you can make up for the “lost” 20 minutes three times. Without being stressed afterwards. But where’s the catch?

The secret of successful meditation at home

As so often in life, you will notice the positive effects the more you practice meditation. The same principle applies to auch für Yoga. Even massages work best, when you get them several times, as The Crystal Spa director Cosimo tells us in an interview. But where to start? Many people find it easier to switch off in the context of so-called guided meditations. You listen to the voice of a meditation teacher and basically, he tells you want to do. Guided meditations can be found on YouTube and on most music streaming services.

Before you start, find a quiet place without any source of interference. If you live with children, ask them to leave you alone for a few minutes. Of course, the same applies to your loved one or family member or all those who share the apartment with you. Make yourself comfortable. Some people prefer to stand others to sit. That’s up to you. The main thing is to be comfortable. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in and out. And listen to the voice that guides you through your relaxation technique. If you don’t like the guided meditation, for example because you don’t like the voice or you don’t like the music, don’t worry as there are many types and forms of meditation and it can take some time before you find out what works for you.

What types of meditation are there?

Since every person meditates slightly differently, it can be said that there are around seven billion different types of meditation. However, if you limit yourself to the best known ones, you can distinguish six types:

  • Osho Dynamic Meditation

This kind of meditation is done in the morning, on an empty stomach. It lasts one hour. There are four stages to this process the first starts with some breathing exercises followed by some “cathartic phases”. Which involves loud laughter, screaming, crying – anything that liberates us. Hopping, then standing still and in silence and finally some dancing. This is guaranteed to wake you up. Probably also the neighbors.

  • Metta – Buddhist meditation for loving kindness

Traditionally, Buddhist meditations have a special content that the mind focuses on. “Metta”, the selfless love, kindness and friendship is one of these. You meditate while sitting. Sentences such as “May all beings be free from enmity, sorrow and pain” are some of the components of this meditation.


  • Transcendental Meditation by Yogi Maharishi Mahesh

The former spiritual advisor to the Beatles swears by mantras. The TM technique involves the use of a silently-used sound called a mantra, and is practiced for 15–20 minutes twice per day. The documentary “David wants to fly” follows in the footsteps of the Yogi Maharishi Mahesh with the filmmaker David Lynch.


  • Zazen – Zan Buddhist Meditation

The form of meditation is popular in Zen Buddhism it is practiced while sitting. The eyes are semi-open or open. Nevertheless, one should not “look”. The meditator “observes” his thoughts and mind, but is not supposed to react to them. The meditation usually lasts from 20 minutes to several hours.

  • Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana Meditation is based on the Buddhist tradition. It is not conducted. There is also no fixed point, i.e. breathing or a mantra. Basically, it requires mindfulness and concentration. You should perceive your thoughts without judging their content.

  • Kundalini Yoga Meditation

Many yoga sessions have a meditative part. The inventor (Yogi Bhajan) of Kundalini Yoga has left hundreds of meditation instructions. They always have a clearly defined goal and a defined duration. The longer, the better, according to his maxim. These units can be active, i.e., they have movements as part of their content. But there are also classic meditations while sitting. The mantra is always an integral part of the process.

Pilgrims and hikers swear by the fact that they “meditate with their feet”. Runners also know it: the feeling of being completely at one with themselves. Either way, it has been proven that meditation is healthy.


Meditation with the professional

You would like to learn from the professional on how to mediate correctly? No problem, we have the perfect solution for you. The well-known meditation trainer Loten Dahortsang can teach you how to mediate at one of our courses available at selected VAYA resorts. Born in Tibet, he has lived in Switzerland since 1982. He has many years of teaching meditation and of practicing meditation. Here you will find all dates for the meditation packages in our VAYA resorts.

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