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Autumn blues: tips against it - and its causes

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  • Autumn blues: tips against it – and its causes

tips against it

Autumn blues

When the warm and sunny autumn days slowly fade away and the weather gets wetter and colder, but winter with all its joys is still a long way off, it strikes many people: the autumn blues. Dark days, fog and rain affect the mood of many people. But which autumn blues tips really help? And what exactly triggers the depressed mood?

Gloomy days, gloomy mood

Many people are affected by the autumn blues. In addition to a bad mood, it makes itself felt through tiredness and lack of energy. In addition, motivation dwindles – not only with regard to work and sport, but also with regard to activities with friends. The reasons for this lack of drive have to do with processes in the body.
In autumn and winter, the duration and intensity of daylight decreases. However, we need daylight for our body to produce serotonin. You have probably heard of this hormone before. It is the hormone that is commonly referred to as the “happiness hormone”. If daylight is missing, serotonin is also missing. In addition, without daylight, the body produces the sleep hormone melatonin. It simply thinks it is nighttime and therefore bedtime. The inner clock is thus thrown out of balance. The time change does the rest.

Autumn blues: tips on how to get rid of it

The best tips against autumn blues are actually quite simple, some of them may take a little effort at first. But we promise you that it will be worth it:

  • Maintain structure

Especially now, many people drag themselves through the working days from Monday to Friday and only look forward to the upcoming weekend. The upcoming winter holiday is also something to be hopeful about. As soon as you’re home, it’s off to the couch. And at the weekend it’s time to sleep in. All wrong, say psychologists. They advise keeping to a structured daily routine and rituals. That way, the brain gets into winter mode faster. So avoid the mini-jetlags that come from sleeping in and get out of bed early on the weekend.


  • Daylight-boost

One of the best autumn blues tips is a simple one: get out into the air. You should get at least half an hour of daylight and exercise outside. This gets your circulation going, releases happy-making endorphins and helps to reduce melatonin. It also helps your body produce serotonin.


  • Let there be light

Light, light, light – we need a lot of it now. That’s why you should avoid blinds and curtains at work and at home during the day. Daylight lamps can also help to boost your mood.

  • Food for the soul

A healthy and balanced diet is always important. But right now you can make a real difference through food. Nuts, beans and mushrooms, quinoa, wheat germ and eggs help the body to release happiness hormones through the amino acid tryptophan.

  • Sport and exercise

When the weather’s bad, your inner bastard probably also prefers the couch. Nevertheless, you should get out into the fresh air and exercise – see above. But indoor exercise also helps release endorphins, serotonin and dopamine. Swimming, treadmill running, yoga – find the sport that suits you best.


  • Humour as medicine

It’s no secret: laughter is healthy. But why actually? Laughter activates over a hundred muscles. It also reduces stress hormones and promotes the release of serotonin. So maybe you should watch comedies and cat videos instead of thrillers? Here we have prepared a little dose of happiness for you.

  • Search for company

Even if you don’t feel like it at all: sometimes you just have to bring yourself to meet friends. After all, going out together and enjoying each other’s company has a positive effect on your mood. It’s enough to do something once a week. Did you know that friends also have a positive effect on the immune system? You can find more tips for a strong immune system here.


  • Cuddling against the cold

It only takes 20 seconds, then the endorphin rush comes: we are talking about touching. Cuddling with another person for 10 minutes a day noticeably lifts your mood. The reason is the cuddle hormone oxytocin and other endorphins produced by the body.


  • Vitamin D

Actually not a vitamin but a hormone, vitamin D is elementary for the body. And it does so independently of mood. The circle almost closes here. Because you need daylight for that, too. Which brings us back to tip 3.


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