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Tips against Spring Fatigue:
This really helps

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Fighting Spring Fatigue

Winter is over, the birds are singing outside and the sun is shining, all signs point to Spring in the Air? But you just can’t pull yourself together, you feel tired and getting tired all the time? If your motivation is somewhere far away from you on vacation !! and it feels like you’ve been flooded with Winter depression straight into Spring Fatigue, you’re not alone. Like you, around 25 percent of people suffer from this seasonal low. But where does it come from? And which tips really help against Spring Fatigue?

Search for causes: Where does spring fatigue come from

The weather is to blame. Sounds absurd, but that’s the way it is. Because when it gets warmer, the body has to get used to the new temperatures. The blood vessels dilate. As a result, the blood has more space and rushes through the veins with less power. Blood pressure drops. This results in fatigue. In addition, the body is still pumped full of the “sleep hormone” melatonin. He has to get rid of that first.

The best tips against Spring Fatigue

  • Move outside in the fresh air. Sure, if your motivation is missing, it’s easier said than done. Therefore, start with a short walk. You will see that the light is good. Your body produces more vitamin D. And that, in turn, brightens your mood. As a nice side effect, it is also good for the immune system and bones. Try a minimum of 30 minutes a day.
  • Orexin also called hypocretin, is a neuropeptide produced by neurones in the lateral hypothalamus that regulates arousal, wakefulness and sleep stability. But where do you get that from? Before you make your way to the pharmacy: Orexin is in protein-rich food. Yogurt, cottage cheese and – of course – eggs stimulate orexin release.
  • Less carbs. Yes, that’s sad. That’s true. But we don’t say “no carbs”. Digestion requires a lot of energy; therefore eat lighter and not too much. The same applies to alcohol.
  • Radishes more often! The red tuber stimulates. It’s almost as if it gives you a boost of energy. From mid-April, the vegetables are available fresh again. For example, from the Radish Roast Day in Hall in Tirol.
  • Think about which activities you can perform very routinely. For example, something in you work to keep active, tidying up, doing laundry, or going shopping. You just do these things when your motivation is low and when you feel at your weakest.
  • Attention: Everything that is new to the brain stimulates the release of dopamine. So that you do not miss this body’s own happiness maker, you should not stay in a routine. Try to do something new more regularly, take up a new hobby, try a new walk or a new run. Listen to some new music, a new restaurant, or maybe try a new VAYA Resort.
  • Go and meet people, meet new people and meet up with friends. All this helps to stay active.
  • The last tip is for the real professionals: Hot and Cold Showers. Taking alternating Hot and Cold showers gets the body and hormones going at the same time. Start with a warm shower and finish with a cold shower. Attention: Pour the water first over the feet and legs, then over the arms. So always from bottom to top.

Holidays in spring

You probably know where to spend your spring holidays, right? Exactly. In the most beautiful locations in the Austrian Alps. How convenient that there is always a VAYA Resort near you. The surroundings of our properties are so beautiful, even our inner self does not want to stay in bed in the morning but instead just want to get up and go! Don’t believe us? See for yourself.