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Best tips for a relaxing Christmas and Holiday season

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Best tips for a
relaxing Christmas and Holiday season

When the snowflakes fall from the sky outside and a blanket of snow covers the beautiful mountain villages in the Austrian Alpine region, this is not only the starting signal for a new winter season. Often the first snow is accompanied by the beginning of the holiday season. And for many the most stressful days of the year. Buying gifts, baking, decorating all those Christmas parties and holiday menus – all this in addition to the normal working day. The holiday season should be peaceful and quiet. Fortunately, there are some small and effective tips for a relaxing Christmas and Holiday season:

Setting priorities

Tipp #1: Setting priorities

It may feel like after Christmas and New Year’s Eve the world just ceases to exist. A brand new year with 365 new days awaits us. Therefore, not everything has to be done before the big party. Who says that a year starts better when the apartment is cleaned in a flash? Or when you’ve done the photo books from your last summer vacation until then? Think about what tasks you can move until next year without it making a difference. Nobody needs Christmas cookies in January anymore. But you can also clean the windows after the holidays and no one will notice the difference, I promise. So set priorities and only allow the things on your to-do list that make you happy or really can’t wait.


Tipp #2: Schedule breaks

One of the tips for a relaxed Christmas and Holiday season is to plan breaks. Maybe this seems absurd to you – after all, there is already far too little time until the festival. In fact, breaks are the best productivity boost you can imagine. A lot of things can be done faster and better in a relaxed way. It becomes even more efficient if you spend the breaks outside in the fresh air. The oxygen supply helps with thinking. Another advantage: if you go outside in daylight, your body can make vitamin D. This is important, among other things, for the immune system and for strong bones. And have we already mentioned the happiness hormones?


Tipp #3: Start pampering program

Always do something good for yourself. Whether you relax with a oil or a facial massage or prefer a relaxing bath: Simply set up your spa in your own four walls at home. Fragrant bath salts, candles and your favorite music or a good book will help you with this. If you don’t have a bathtub, you can simply turn your shower into a steam room. So-called showertabs help you with this. You can get them at the pharmacy. Their principle is quite simple: you unpack the tabs, which are not completely dissimilar to detergent tabs, and put them in the shower. Due to the warm water, the tabs dissolve and exude their pleasant scent.

Tipp #4: Creating rituals

Get into the habit of stopping work at a particular time, especially if you are at home working from a home office, especially now at this time. This will help you to switch off. Whether it’s a good cup of tea or a crunchy walk in the snow. Or maybe your favorite cookie. Maybe you’re also one of those people who don’t sleep well when they’re stressed. Which makes you feel tired and lethargic the next day, and the stress becomes more and more. Getting enough sleep is one of the most important tips for a relaxing holiday season. Here, too, rituals will help you. Get used to a fixed time to go to sleep. It’s best to ban all electronic devices from your bedroom. Also, be careful not to read or watch TV on your smartphone’s screen for the least half hour before you go to sleep. In order for you to sleep well, it should not be too warm in your bedroom.

Tipp #5: Smart Gift

You don’t have a gift for the neighbor’s best friend yet? Don’t let these things stress you out this year. Think about who you really want to please and forget about all the other unnecessary gifts. And if you need to, then try to give cookies instead of candles, decorative objects and Co. Because we all already have enough of those anyway. And for your loved one? This year they simply get what we all have too little of: time together. Therefore, give the gift of time together, why not give a gift voucher for a holiday together, or for a trip to the cinema or for a nice dinner and a little secret they do not gather dust, or do not take up any space in the house or apartment.